Maintain a Proper Diet After Your Implant Surgery, Eat These 9 Soft Foods 

© 2018 Advanced Family Dentistry. All Rights Reserved.

Maintain a Proper Diet After Your Implant Surgery, Eat These 9 Soft Foods 

© 2018 Advanced Family Dentistry. All Rights Reserved.

There are certain things which you must keep in mind after a dental implant surgery and one of the most important ones is to follow a good diet. Biting on anything hard or crusty is not suggestible during the healing period as the food particles can contaminate the wound. Therefore, it’s better to have soft foods until and unless your dentist asks you to continue with your normal diet.

Here are some of the soft food items which you can have after your implant surgery.

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Mashed Potatoes:  A lot of you might be used to having mashed potatoes with steak, but you need to avoid the former for a few days after an implant surgery. Mashed potatoes will melt in your mouth and you won’t require your teeth to apply force while having it.

Boiled Broccoli:  Eating vegetables rich in nutrients is great for your dental health and what could be better than having a bowl full of steamed broccoli after the surgery? It has more protein than a lot of other vegetables.

Cereal: Soak some cereals in cold milk until they become soft and have it for breakfast. But makes sure it does not contain much sugar as most cereals are quite sugary.

Chicken Soup:  This could be one of the best choices if you want to have something delectable after your dental implant surgery. Add minced chicken to the broth so that you don’t require to chew much. Sprinkle some black pepper on it to enhance the taste.

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Hummus: The Levantine dip is more than just protein. It also prevents cavities from affecting our teeth and dentists say that hummus is a great soft food to have after an implant surgery.

Yogurt:  It is known for making teeth stronger, but did you know that having a bowl of yogurt is great after your implant surgery?

Scrambled Eggs:  Having scrambled eggs with soft bread can help during the healing period. Try to have it for breakfast often.

Bananas: It is one of the soft fruits which is also suggested to eat after an implant surgery.

Puddings: Most of us love eating it and puddings can be a great soft dessert to have after getting your dental implant surgery done.

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